news for 1/2 2018

22.9.2018 National Specialty Show of Schnauzers Mladá Boleslav
judge: Suzana Verstovšek
Bart Simpson - Intermediate class - Exc.1, CAC, CSK, ISPU
Owner. Frišová Dana
Artex Noční strážce - winner class - Exc.1, CAC, ČKŠ, ISPU Owner.manz.Zajíčkovi
I'm proud of you {}{}



Litter CONFIRMED !!! Indy is pregnant with a son to see 5-6 balls, a month and a bit of a baby is born. Hold your thumbs for everything to finish {}



cover + exhibition

  !!   Hold your fingers in a month to see your baby {}


8.9.2018 OKV Nový Bor
Barbosa Night Guard - Junior Class - Exc
I'm at your very heart for the owner and the dog it was an exhibition premiere {}  
Quadratic dog, excellent head, fulcrums, dark eye, solid topline, high tail, correct chest, excellent movement and coat, and very lively. {}


MVP Ml.Boleslv + puppies

26.8.2018 International Dog Show Mladá Boleslav
Amazing Arya Pro-Nika - champion class - V2, r.CAC

all the puppies are in the new homes, stay there beautifully and let yourself know  



All the puppies are given and in 14 days we start to go to new homes Smile


rtg dkk

Barbosa Night Guard- HD DKK 0/0

Bart Simpson Night Guard- HD DKK 0/0

Congratulations to the owners and thank you Wink{}



18.6.2018 was born litter "D"    2 females and 1 dog - free 1 female and male    
The names will be: Dominga, Daisy and Diego  
Mother: Angelica Night guard
Father: Carrey Rafonda



!!!! We accept puppy records Smile


International Dog Show Litomerice

20.05.2018 International Dog Show Litoměřice  
Boston Terrier - Judge: Leos Jancik
Amazing Arya Pro-Nika - open class - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB and thus fulfilled the conditions for the title CZECH CHAMPION  

Schnauzers - judge - Branko Tasevski
Daphne Astronaut - open class - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB
Artex Night Rangers - class open - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB   thus fulfilled conditions for the title CZECH CHAMPION maj.manž.Zajičkovi - I am proud of you Smile 



Today, my beloved Indiana Gloria Leones has passed her next exam and SPr1 !!! it is the only female SK p + s with this test in the Czech Republic !!!!  
Judge: Jaroslava Mikulecká

8.5. 2018 OKV KCHK Prague - Branik
Referees: L.Fairaislova and A.Tomanek

Carrie Androis - Junior class - Exc.1, CSK-J and eye examination: Negative  

Cruella Devill Night Guard - open class - V2 + bonitace: 00 / 5AOj / 5  

Artex Night Rangers - open class - Excellent 1, ČKŠ

Aira Night Guard - open class - Exc. 1, ČKŠ, Oblastní klub.vítěz + bonitace: 00 / 5A / 5s   ,

eye examination: negative maj. Markéta Tichá

Thank you all for a great day   and congratulatory owners, I'm all proud of you !!!!


International Dog Show Prague

06.05.2018 International Dog Show Prague-Letňany
Referee: Polgar Andras

Daphne Astronaut - open class - V2, r.CAC
Cruella Devill Night Guard - Class Open-VD1
Bart Simpson Night Guard - Junior Class - V2

May. Dana Frišová
Artex Night Rangers - open class - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB maj. Zajíček
Thank you for the great day and thank you for the presentation, I am very proud of you {}Wink   



01.05.2018 breed of schnauzers Pilsen

Judge: Mrs. Jaroslava Drožová

Daphne Astronaut - 00 / 4A / 5 net bonus code Smile



exhibition season started :-)

We have the first show weekend in 2018 Wink Exhibition season started !! WinkSmile

Saturday 21.4.2018 National club show of schnauzers Mladá Boleslav

Judge: Boguslaw Chmiel-PL

Daphne Astronaut - Intermediate class - V2, r.ČKŠ, r.CAC

Sunday 22.4.2018 International Dog Show České Budějovice

Judge: Suzana Verstovsek - Matakovic

Amazing Arya Pro-Nika - open class - V2, r.CAC, r.CACIB

Daphne Astronaut - Intermediate Class - V2, r.CAC

Bart Simpson Night Guard - Junior Class - Excellent 1, CAJC maj. Dana Frišová

Artex Night Rangers - open class - Exc.1, CAC

May. manz.Zajíčkovi

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